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I had a Samsung Phone 2 contracts ago that in the entire 2 years I had it would not work in Iowa City. I complained every month.

When my contract was up they gave me a $300 credit and I paid half the cost of 3 new Moto Gs up front and the rest was on my monthly bill. This time around they offer new customers the same phone I got for free when I complained I was basically told tough. Of course if you cancel your contract they threaten you with bad credit reporting that's how they get you after you have signed up. My plan was sold to me as $45, $25, $15, $15, and $15 for 5 lines.

Then I find out it's really $2.35 extra for each line plus what they are calling taxes and fees. I did have just 4 lines but added a kid for $15 and my bill jumped nearly $30. Then I looked into my bill and see they are still charging me for phones from my last contract. Apparently their $300 credit was a lie or they are simply trying to continue charging me for phones I already paid for.

As soon as possible I'm paying off my phones or just dumping the whole thing all together. After all this hassle it will be worth paying a $400 deposit with the next company for a year or two just to be rid of these liars.

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